As a reputable rubber stamp maker in Singapore, we can tell you exactly what kind of stamps are used in offices, and we can also offer detailed information on each of them so that you can make an informed decision for your next rubber stamp order. There are three types of stamps; the ones used for adorning goods, the ones used for toys, and the ones used in offices. Among the ones used in offices, there are; traditional rubber stamps, pre-inked stamps, and self-inked stamps. We have listed the four best types of stamps that are commonly used in offices today. 


The Four Types of Stamps for Office Use


Pre-inked Stamps (Oil-Based Self-Inking)

pre inked stamps


Stamps that come with replaceable ink pads and that allow the stamps to re-ink automatically are self-inking stamps. The water-based ink pads are built onto these stamps and this makes rapid stamping possible. In a pre-inking stamp, there is an ink reservoir on the head of the stamp. This reservoir is supposed to be filled with oil-based ink. It can have a sliding cartridge or the handle of the stamp can be removed to refill ink in these stamps.


If the stamps are pre-inking oil-based self-inking, they do not respond to sprinkles of water in case they dry out. They require a refill of oil-based ink. These stamps can be used for over 50,000 impressions before they need to be re-filled with ink. 


These stamps offer crisp and sharp impressions every time. On our website, you will find several of these stamps with choices of diameters and shapes. One of the best sellers is the standard round company stamp with over 10 different color choices. We bet you wouldn’t find better makers of a customized rubber stamp in Singapore. You can choose from round or oval-shaped stamps and browse from our list of designs. 


Secondly, there is a price calculator where you can add the number of stamps, and choose the colors and sizes yourself before you place the order. We also offer free ink and refill and deliver the product to you within two days. We can create stamps with over 7 lines of content if there is a need for it. 


MAX Stamps (Water-based Self-Inking)

water based self inking

A small business that requires repetitive stamping always goes for water-based self-inking stamps. These are quite affordable, and re-fillable, they last approx. 10,000 impressions like mentioned above come in various colors. If the ink pad begins to dry, with a little sprinkle of water, the impressions become as good as new. 

Water-based self-inking stampsare stamps that need some water to revitalize them for use in case the stamp pad dries out. Our water-based self-inking stamps are affordable and go over 10,000 times before needing a refill or replacement of an ink pad. 


You can choose from round and square stamps. Just like in the case of pre-inked stamps, water-based self-inking stamps as well can be customized in size and shape in case you have above 4 lines of content. They work perfectly well on all types of paper, other than glossy. 


Clear Stamps 

clear stamps

These are stamps that are mostly transparent and are made from transparent photopolymer. The stamps are stuck to clear acrylic blocks and they are merely for proper placement during stamping. These are required for offices that need to be very sure of where the stamp is being placed without even a slight difference in the area. These are not self-inking, and require external ink to function.


Numbering Stamps

numbering stamps

These stamps can be used for a series of numbering. These are designed to stamp numbers and the stamps have a rolling system that can be moved to change the numbers during stamping. These can also be done with the English alphabet but mostly the rolling method is used for numbers. To use a numbering stamp you will need to have an ink pad handy to press on and then place your impression on the paper. These stamps are used in certain offices and mainly in warehouses and factories. 


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